Are they sold in pairs?

-All toe caps, toe strips, skate-lets, lace locks and laces are sold in pairs.

What are the toe guards made of?

-Vegan toe guards are made of a vegan leather upper layer and a velvety base layer along with ultra wide grommets and the strongest nylon thread. Suede toe guards are made with a thick layer of suede as well as our ultra wide grommets and the strongest nylon thread.

Are they durable?

-One Stop has worked to make the most durable vegan leather guards on the market. With a double layer material as well as super strong hand pressed grommets and the strongest nylon thread our guards are thick, luxurious and ready to take on any scratch or scuff. Multiple durability tests have been performed and recorded to our Instagram @onestopskatesshop. Please keep in mind though vegan leather is not as durable as authentic leather and these guards may wear easier. We do also offer suede toe guards as they are more durable and are better suited for skaters who need toe caps that will last through plenty of hard hits.

Who makes them?

-All toe guards, skate leashes, skate charms, and skate-lets are handmade by Venus. All tee shirt designs are hand drawn by Venus and are 100% original artwork. 

How Long Until my Items Ship?

-Toe guards, leashes, toe toppers and skate wings will ship in 3-5 business days. All skate wear and stickers may take up to a week to ship. Once you have been notified your items have shipped please allow 1-2 days for the package to be processed through the USPS system.

Why are my items still showing Pre-Transit?

-The USPS is working as fast as possible to get your items out but sometimes it takes 1-2 days for them to scan it in. If your order is listed as Pre-Transit for 3 or more days please email us so we can try to locate your items. 

What if my items get lost in transit?

-After the package has been taken to the post office we are not responsible for your items getting damaged or lost. If your package gets lost or damaged please reach out to your local post office and work with them to locate your items. However as always please feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to aid in resolving the issue.

What if my shipping address is incorrect?

-If you discover your address is incorrect please email us immediately. If the package is still with us we can change the address, however if the package has been taken to the post office already there is nothing we can do to change the address.

Can Items be Returned?

-Some items can be returned. Toe guards, leashes, toe toppers and skate wings can be returned. Skate wear cannot be returned. Within 14 days of purchase you can send back your unused toe guards and receive a refund.

Can Items be Cancelled?

-Yes! If your item has not been shipped you can reach out to us to cancel your items.