The Secret to Perfectly Installing your Toe Guards

Hey Rollerbabes!

I put together a video on how to perfectly and effortlessly install your toe guard caps the RIGHT way. Unfortunately, all I had were skates with adjustable toe stops but a tutorial for bolt-on toe stops will be coming soon! 

Here's a brief overview:

  1. Remove laces and your toe stop
  2. Take the washer and nut off the toe stop
  3. Feed the toe stop through the heart-shaped hole at the bottom of the toe guard
  4. Replace the nut on the toe stop to the approximate height you like your toe stops
  5. Flip the toe guard cap inside out
  6. Place the washer on top of the bolt with the groves/concavity pointing in towards the skate
  7. Screw on and tighten the toe stop
  8. Flip the cap back out and place on the skate
  9. Thread the laces through the top of the eyelets and the top of the first eyelets of the skates
  10. Grab both ends of the laces and pull so they tighten the cap and are the same

Here's the video for a visual and more in-depth description, make sure to give it a look!

UPDATE: @marcy.mars on TikTok was kind enough to put together a video showing how to install on bolt on toe stops! Heres the link to se her beautiful video: How to install toe guards with bolt on toe stops!